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Okanagan Ribbons Ltd. is a major supplier of handmade ribbons for the award and recognition industry in Canada.  We produce ribbons for every occasion including sporting events, academic achievements, parades, fairs, exhibitions, pet and equestrian events and community celebrations.

Our equipment is not computer driven and the hot foil stamp process is labour intensive.  Each order is setup and crafted with care and attention. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and service in our industry.  Each and every ribbon we produce is a recognition of achievement, celebration or remembrance and therefore must be of the finest quality; beautiful, well made ribbons that any recipient would be proud to wear or display.

We are located in the pristine Inonoaklin Valley in Rural BC, Canada and our team of ribbon craftspeople enjoy living and working in a small community while offering a quality product “Handmade in Canada”. 


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